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Creativity. Quality. Passion.

Creativity. Quality. Passion.

I strive to create wedding films that are more than just a video.  I believe in creating a piece of art that captures the emotion of the day and tells a story. Our attention to detail and passion for cinematography + video editing will ensure that your wedding film is one of a kind. I believe a wedding film should be a timeless retelling of your wedding day--something that can only be achieved thru an understanding and appreciation of filmmaking.


Spending most of my 20's attending concerts and music festivals; it was only natural for me to combine my passion for filmmaking + live music. Theres a certain energy that concerts exude, and my goal is to capture that and translate it into a visual medium. 


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I have always had a love for movies & filmmaking. So much so, I graduated from Columbia College 

Chicago with a Bachelors Degree in Film/Video. For the past 8+ years I've filmed + edited weddings, live bands, segments for TV, and other creative projects.

~Daniel Weese